All your yachts's vital functions at your fingertips

Monitor electric & diesel engines, batteries, tanks, solar panels, shore power, electric consumers, depth, speed, range, you name it. All of this is packed into a clean & simple interface that switches between modes automatically to show you the data you need when you need it, the way you need it.

As simple as you wish or as in-depth as possible

All the information you need is ready at your fingertips. Think you don't need to see something right now? Double tap to hide. You get to decide the level of detail of your display . From clean & intuitive 3D graphics to a detailed list of all your yacht's functions. Drag the fields wherever you want them, turn them off or just snap them back into place. You can even zoom in anywhere or double tap the engine gauge to view it full-screen.

Owner's Manual with a boost

We know you don't know each and every box under the hood. Who does? They have QR codes on them, so just take a snapshot of them with the built-in QR reader and YachtPad takes you right to the point.

Units & alerts. Personalized.

With YachtPad, you get to chose your alerts. Visually or just sound. Or both. And you can set this up for each alert type specifically. Switch to units you are familiar with and you are good to go.

Touch lock

When you're satisfied with the looks, just tap to disable touch functionality, and with the app changing modes automatically, you will always see what you need without having to tap a button.