Tailor-made for your yacht.

Application graphics are rendered from an actual 3D model of the yacht and not some generic vessel.




All the info in one place.

We cooperate with Yacht Manufacturers while adapting YachtPad Server's input/output modules. That's why YachtPad can display ALL the data you need and is not restrained to N2K alone.




YachtPad automatically switches displays when your yacht changes it's mode of operation and adjusts it's appearance accordingly. It knows when you are anchored or when you are skimming trough the waves with 15+ knots and it knows which information you need in every situation.

Smart Owner's manual

We know you don't know each and every box under the hood. Who does? They have QR codes on them, so just take a snapshot of them with the built-in QR reader and YachtPad takes you right to the point.


Ever tried to leave the port with your shore power cable still plugged in? YachtPad detects these kind of conflicting situations and warns you about them before any serious damage is done.

Tailor-made graphics

Show data & information of all your yacht's on-board equipment on graphics rendered from the actual 3D yacht model. Our solution brings your yacht's experience to the iPad. 



Branded with your Corporate Identity

We believe that an application like this should look and feel as an integral part of your yacht. That is why we design the final appearance of the app in close cooperation with all your designer staff.

Reads any device. You decide.

We developed a modular data acquisition platform that allows us to quickly adapt the YachtPad Server to your specific needs. Most standard protocols are already covered and we keep adding new ones to the mix.

Smart Owner's Manual

You now have a chance to offer your customers an Owner's Manual with a boost. Specially designed QR codes can be fitted to on-board equipment. Whenever your customer finds themselves lost, they simply scan the QR code and the corresponding topic opens up in the Owner's Manual.

Usage analytics

YachtPad can store several years worth of operating data which can become quite handy. Your service crew and r&d department will definitely love it.

One network

Whether working in a closed system or on a larger multimedia network (with Airport Express), YachtPad Server knows where to route your data, so you never need to switch between networks.

Already in action

The first one to install our system was Greenline Hybrid Yachts on their awarded Greeline 33 and the new Greenline 40 hybrid. It was first introduced at the Duesseldorf Boat Show under the name GreenPad. Watch the Greenline commercial